Difficult Staff? These 3 Simple Tips Will Help

It used to be that staff showed a healthy respect and a hardworking attitude in the workplace. Unfortunately, hat can’t be assumed any more. Maybe it’s a generational change. Younger staff are certainly more confident than ever before and you need to earn their respect more than ever.

Many staff expect everything on a platter, show no genuine commitment to their roles and have no loyalty to the boss. And if not managed properly they’ll cause owners enormous grief.

I’ve seen it over and over with the clients I’ve worked with. It causes owners more stress, sleepless nights, confusion and anger than almost anything else.

So what can be done to put the odds back in your favour?

From the hundreds of businesses I’ve worked with, failure to prepare and plan the recruitment process is the cause of so many of the poor staff situations I’ve seen.

These 3 simple strategies will help:

  • Make a clear list of the essential qualities you’re looking for in the role. Use this list when interviewing each person. If an applicant doesn’t measure up to the majority of your essential qualities, don’t employ them.


  • Write your “house rules” before you start. These are your expectations for everyone who works for you. Things like dress code, presentation, customer care, attitude to customers, punctuality, teamwork. If you don’t specify these things up front, you’re putting yourself at a big disadvantage. Run these rules past all potential staff in the interview process. It sets the right tone up-front for them and if it puts them off, then why would you want them to work for you?


  • Look for people with the right attitude. For me, attitude wins out every time vs knowledge. Someone with the right attitude can nearly always be trained to do the job. Someone with a poor attitude will always be trouble.

By Lindsay King

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